PEMF Testimonials

“I’m an 86 year old daily user of the mat for general well-being and to reduce scoliosis problems but several times a day after hip replacement surgery. The probe and/or pillow were used for such events as cataract surgery.
My first hip replacement was in 2004. I was under the assumption that a revision was normal after 10-15 years. But 9 years later, in preparation for surgery on the second hip, I was surprised to see an X-ray showing so little wear on the first replacement. At that slow rate, I should be good for MANY more years, more than normal.
To have a product that oxygenates cells, promotes circulation and corrects the magnetic field around the body thus helping to heal, how can one go wrong? Not surprising that my husband has noted that I have LOTS of energy.”
–       G. M., 18 Jan 2016


“My name is Darrel James Roy, and I have suffered with migraines for over 30 years. I have tried many different treatments over the years with little to no success. Over the years I have always tried to stay abreast of new treatments, which my Dr has been very helpful in helping me try different treatments.
For years now I have been watching the developments in MRS with interest. Especailly the trials they did with migraine sufferers. They were able to acheive almost a 98% reduction in migraines.
So when my friend Jocelyne Grander informed me she was a fully licenced practioner of MRS, I got excited. I was a little dismayed when she knew nothing of the trials. That being said I was a little worried I would be the 2% that this would not work for.
The day of my first session, I had to call in to say i was having a migraine and could not come in. Jocelyne suggested that i have my wife bring me in anyways. Since we were trying to take out a migraine ,what better way to see if it was going to work. I went in, I had to be helped into the building.
What happened after, was amazing. I could walk without help, I felt as if I had been recovering for at least two days. I even drove home from the appointment. It was truly an uplifting experenice, further sessions have met with similar success.
That being said, a brief word on my migraines.
– I have been diagonsed with Migraines that may cause seizures.
– I wear a medical alert for this
– My migraines may become so bad that I will lose all fuctions of my body and pass out.
With the regular sessions this summer I was able to get married, normally the stress of something like this would have me in bed for weeks and heavily drugged. With treatments I was able to go for 2 weeks without a migraine. Best of all no migraines the day of the wedding
P.S. (February 2016)
Since then I have been able to try having a mat in my house for a month so as to see if daily sessions would help. The month of having the mat in my house resulted in only 1 major migraine.. and no minors at all.”
–       D. Roy, November 23 2015