Tai Chi Testimonials

“Our Tai Chi class has been extremely fortunate to find a teacher as accomplished as Joceline. Not only is she a terrific demonstrator, but she also has the ability to pass on her expertise to her students. We are a very diverse group both in age and ability and it is difficult for a teacher to work with so many levels but she has managed to do it admirable. The atmosphere in the class is one of working together, learning, achieving and having fun doing it. I am grateful to Joceline for helping us meet out individual needs in Tai Chi.”

–       Myra Bell, Trenton


“Cela fait un an que je prends des cours de Tai Chi avec Joceline. Notre groupe est très diversifié: certains sont des veterans ayant plusieurs années de pratique d’autres sont des debutants. Elle réussit à donner son attention à tous et a toutes et à leur niveau d’aprentissage. Personnellement elle est mon quatrième instructeur. Son approche décontractée m’a permis d’appredre de nouvelles techniques et de faire un synthèse des enseignements antérieurs. Avec Joceline on s’amuse; le Tai Chi deviant un art et non une course à la performance. Je me considère priviligiée d’étudier avec Joceline.”

–       Renée Bérube, Brighton


“Jocelyne’s inspiring teaching creates a very relaxing atmosphere.

Jocelyne is very knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and a good communicator. She makes us strive to be our personal best while at the same time making her classes very enjoyable. She encourages us to keep our body and mind healthy through relaxation, meditation, proper breathing and the physical activities of Tai-Chi.

The benefits of attending her classes have greatly contributed to my good health at my advanced age of almost 89 years.The gentle moves and slow pace of Tai- Chi provide me with the physical and mental activity so much needed in our stressful lives.”

–       Frances Kalisz, Brighton