Jocelyne Granger’s Bio

DSC_2280 Jocelyne offers the Mitzvah Technique out of her studio in Trenton.

She is also a Certified Life Style Consultant as she makes use of an IMRS (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance System) in her studio.  Jocelyne has studied Tai Chi and Chi Kung under Sifu Robert Walther for the last 20 years and is also an instructor of both these Arts.

Jocelyne was born and raised in Quebec.  She pursued Commercial Studies in Rivière du Loup, QC.  She then held administrative and accounting positions in the private sector and worked in the Public Service for 25 years.  Her career in the Federal Government demanded that she perform continuous training of Personnel.  She has extensive experience in the field of Training and Development.  Her fluency in both official languages allowed her to provide continuity on many levels in a high-stress, constantly changing environment.  As she made “top-notch service” her priority, she insisted on taking care of “the little things”  so the big ones could take care of themselves….  She retired in 2004 at which time she started to learn the Mitzvah Technique.

Her journey into Wellness started in 1975 with the study of Yoga  and has been ongoing since.  In 1987, she went through a very dramatic experience which then was considered a ‘burn out” by the medical establishment.  For her, this was a call for radical changes.  She describes her experience as a Spiritual one.  With the help and support of some amazing colleagues and her family, she began to recover but as a very different person.  She undertook studies in classical guitar.  She began to study Tai Chi and Chi Kung, then proceeded to study the Martial Arts of Chito Riu Karate and Jiu Jitsu to eventually become an instructor of the Chinese Martial Arts.  Then came the study of the Mitzvah Technique:  She is very much an advocate of life-long learning.


“Rarely have I met an instructor who is more genuinely caring about her

students than Sifu Jocelyne Granger. With her significant experience in

Tai Chi and Chi Kung, she is able to adapt the material she teaches to the

needs of the individual student – and do so with patience and gentleness.”


Robert Walther, Chief Instructor, Snow Tiger Martial Arts Association.